Laureen Sabella
2 min readSep 18, 2020


Get smarter?

That’s what it says. Get smarter about what matters to you. Is that why I had Cs and Ds in high school? It didn’t matter?

In grammar school children often get As because they want to please. You learn what is taught. It doesn’t matter what it is. You memorize and repeat back. Then.

You enter the next phase.

In the 1960s you were told that only lesbians were doctors. It seemed true. Women who were not lesbian needed to number one— please men. Mainly because no man would love a women who acted smarter than him.

Yep. Women who were truly women needed to dumb down. I know. This was the 60s with the flower children and the psychedelics and all that stuff. But if you circumvented all that stuff you still needed to deal with the notion that women were below. But.

It was nothing compared with what was happening to other races. It is difficult to even go there.

I had no idea in the 1960s. My grades were Cs and a D in religion.

Since I refused to read my history books in high school, there I was in an awkward situation when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed and I was chased into a Mexican restaurant by women with knives in their boots after I was punched in the jaw and completely oblivious to what I had done.

I’m an idiot.

It helps to admit.

But. According to another source from childhood I was really an awful person. I was shocked. She told me horrible things that I said when I was 12 years old about a Chinese person. I liked that person so why would I have said negative things?

It is probably all true. Get smarter about what matters to you. If nothing matters because you are too confused then just drink a bottle of wine.



Laureen Sabella